The Crust of Confinement

It broke upon the surface of my skin

Like the fraying, undid knots of that old blue sweater

I wondered if every moment of my suffering

Could someday turn into something better?


I wanted to cry but my eyes were dry

That moment I lusted for the touch of moisture

But broken, beneath the blanket of empty darkness

I acted as if I were beyond this painful torture


Goodbye stuck to my lips, I counted eternity

Playing mind games with our fingers entangled

There was nothing but memories to break the monotony

And your watery smile as we watched our dreams get strangled


I settled the culmination of my final reflections in alignment

But my body lay shattered like those old broken pieces of my trust

Then I drifted beyond the last obstacle of confinement

With my tongue wrapped around the warm, soaked  crust


Until death does us apart

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