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Glitter, Magic, Tramp: The thing about Twilight

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

I decided to take today’s Daily Prompt and turn it into a Twilight post.

I’ve been strangely quiet about Twilight so far, when I started reading it, I was a teenage girl and the books were quite a phenomenon but in front of my eyes, I saw the torturous movies come out and read the opinion of everyone who has ever criticized twilight.

Everything seems to be a better love story than Twilight. your relationship with your bed, Sheldon and Amy, Batman and Joker (what?)

Oh, Internet!

So I decided to set the record straight. Objectively (I hope).


Take Kristen Stewart out of your head for a while. I know its hard, but lets try?

Bella is a falling-awkardly-all-over-the-place, pretty-but-she-doesn’t-know-it, outcast, book lover who falls directly in love with the dangerous-but-irresistible, dark and mysterious stranger at school. Accusations against Bella range from she’s living in the twenty first century and should act like a mature, grown-up when it comes to love to Bella has no back-bone, she has no character and she’s the personification of a boring and unworthy protagonist.

Well, many of Bella’s decisions are illogical, scattered and unbelievable. Like the fact that she would permanently turn into a blood-sucking cannibal predator for the sake of the man she loves. But we are in the twenty first century and what we see all around us are relationships breaking up at the drop of a hat, people averse to the idea of commitment and a divorce rate that’s at an all-time high. The concept of love forever, true and bonding love seems to sicken most twenty-somethings, who would much rather trade it for the fast life, quick-make-up-quick-break-up and the independence to operate without choosing to be with someone for life. In such an era, I think Bella’s character represents (to an extreme that we need to tone down, perhaps, but someone needs to point out the good stuff too) a love which is profound and everlasting, beyond the requirements of constant revision. I mean, we’ve all seen and admired this image.

Why is that so hard to believe in anymore? Woman empowerment is about equal rights and opportunities and freedom from control and dominance. It is not about throwing love away or male-bashing or about lack of codependency. True love is hard and true love never stagnates but a woman CAN and SHOULD juggle work and relationships and that should be her biggest strength while the man should be supportive towards these needs of hers.

As for the questions of Bella’s so-called weaknesses, I think, to the contrary, Bella showed certain very strong characteristics. She was ready to die for the sake of her parents. She quite fearlessly ran to stop Edward from killing himself. She was not ready to give up her baby even when it was killing her. She was ready to protect Rennesmee until the very end and rose to the occasion. In fact, beyond her codependency on the much-stronger vampires and werewolves whose colliding worlds she was involved in, Bella was often the crucial factor who helped out and held the others together.

She did quite a few silly things too; especially in New Moon and Eclipse. Like the whole part about doing risky, harebrained things just so she could hallucinate about Edward and also lying on the forest floor for eternity when Edward said goodbye! But I think you get enough of that from other sources.


Edward glitters. I know, its stupid and a constant source of DOZENS of Twilight jokes. But let’s put that aside as well. Let’s also do away with Robert Pattinson.

Coming to Edward. Throughout the series, Edward was always supportive of Bella and respectful towards her decisions. He allowed her the freedom to decide whether or not she wanted to be with him and took whatever decisions he thought were needed to protect her.

When it comes to Jacob, Edward does show some passive-aggressive behavior and possessiveness but that is also quite normal, wouldn’t you say? He has seemingly waited a century for the girl he loves to come along. Though he does take the liberty to spy on her in every single way possible.

Again, loopholes abound but I am defending Twilight right now.

No Story?

I’ve heard it said that the Twilight books have pretty-much no plot line. Three-fourths of Twilight has no movement, except for establishing the relationship between Edward and Bella. When I read it, in fact, I thought it was quite unusual for a book to do this, which was partly why I enjoyed it. Slow-moving books can often be interesting, though they might require more patience. The initial parts of Twilight lay the foundations of the story and describes some soul-searching scenes between the two protagonists. New Moon is slow as well and deals with Bella’s existence minus Edward. I enjoyed the psychological breakdown and the emotions. I also enjoyed the Jacob part of the plot, which was often more interesting than the vampires. Eclipse is slightly more action packed. Breaking Dawn’s first quarter is about a slow marriage and honeymoon. And then it just gets kind of weird. The second half of Breaking Dawn is about Bella’s life as a vampire.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that the Twilight saga has a slow plot but a deep expression of emotions that you cannot understand unless you get under their skin. I never thought making movies out of these books was a good idea because there is too less action for a movie in there. Twilight’s essence can only be understood if you actually read the books and understand the emotions within.

And so. Yeah.

And to wrap it up, here are the ten words I listed, which got me thinking about writing this long-overdue post:

1) Glitter

2) Boom

3) Magic

4) Box

5) Show

6) Sing

7) Leak

8) Fill

90 Trap

10) Tramp

Thanks for reading. Au revoir!

10 thoughts on “Glitter, Magic, Tramp: The thing about Twilight

  1. It’s funny I should read this today, as my husband and I have been having a Twilight movie marathon since yesterday, (not for the first time, we saw them all on their respective opening nights, too) and we finished up Eclipse last night. I have to admit to cracking a joke or 2 at the expensive of Bella and the way she’s always nervous…Something to the effect of “She’s like a human Chihuahua…I keep expecting her to pee on the floor.” My husband also made a crack about her extreme lack of emotion when she speaks. She’s just so flat. There’s hardly any inflection in her voice. I personally wouldn’t have cast Kristen Stewart as Bella, I think she’s a terrible actress, but it is what it is.

    I agree with you, though. There’s really no depth to the movies until you’ve read the books. Even after reading “The short second life of Bree Tanner”, my heart went out to the scared little girl that didn’t want to be part of Victoria’s army as I watched her cower in fear of the Volturi last night. Poor thing.

    1. Wow. That is a coincidence. This post idea just dropped into my head when I saw those ten words. I’ve wanted to defend Twilight before too. The truth is, four years ago I didn’t see Twilight’s flaws. But I’ve grown up and now I do. But I do not think it deserves to be bashed as much as it is. That’s what I wanted to write about. I also wanted to separate Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from the books. The books and movies are two separate entities! Twilight never had enough material for movies. Its the books that convey the emotions. And I think it expresses a complex love story by giving it enough dimensions and space to grow.
      I haven’t read the Bree Tanner book but I’ve read Stephanie Meyer’s The Host and was again struck by her descriptions there as well. 🙂

  2. When I was in high school and was told to read Twilight because it was “the next Harry Potter”, I admit that I instantly hated Stephanie Meyer and the entire Twilight franchise. Fortunately, I grew out of it. That was the knee-jerk reaction of a kid who obsesses over things a liiiitttle too much, which is why it’s kind of scary that the majority of people seem to react the same way. Twilight’s popularity alone is a reason to take it seriously. Why do so many people like it, what are the reader demographics, and what does that say about the world? People are way too quick to dismiss something that is actually a really big deal: Like HP, it got teenagers to pick up a book and get excited about it. It got teenagers to invest themselves in characters and explore creative outlets (fanfiction trained plenty of new writers, including myself). So while I believe it does have its flaws, it definitely has an edge over the “canon” literature, in that people actually WANT to read it. I think you made a lot of good points about the upside of Twilight, and I am so sick of seeing those “still a better love story than twilight” posts!

    PS I know how you feel about the movies, as I am still trying to convince people that Rob Pattinson is NOT Cedric Diggory and Hermione is NOT the main character of Harry Potter.

    1. Haha. I agree with you. But I often seem to find myself at cross-roads when it comes to what’s famous and happening and what I actually like. Many trends just come and go and later leave people wondering why they ever liked it.
      I think that might happen to a lot of teenage girls when they grow up. I found Twilight and Edward flawless when I first read them but as I grew up, I started to see things which weren’t quite right! But I don’t think that will ever happen to my opinion about Harry Potter.
      The truth is, Twilight phenomenon could die and Harry Potter will survive to become a legend.
      That being said, there are some pearls of wisdom in Twilight as well and things to reflect upon. Its not as bad as people seem to make it. But I think making fun of Twilight has become quite a trend in itself.
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  3. Nicely written.

    I’ve always strongly been on the Potter side of the whole rivalry. But that didn’t make me hate Twilight. I followed through with movies as well as some books. And I don’t think Kristen Stewart is a bad actress. She’s not the most amazing actress in the world, but it’s wrong to say that she can’t act. In the books, Bella comes across as awkward and not very happy. And Stewart seems to do justice to the blank character to a good level.
    Growing up listening to Joan Jett’s “I love Rock-n-Roll”, I was really looking forward to watching the movie The Runaways. And there was no disappointment. Stewart embodied Jett. I kept forgetting that she was playing a role.

    As for Pattinson, I did not like him as Edward. I like the personality he reflects on talk shows and interviews, and I think he is a good actor. But Edward comes off as a weak character to me. Though that role gave him all the fame, and he wouldn’t be where he is now with just being Cedric Diggory, I think Pattison is more than Edward Cullen as an actor.

    1. Well, that’s what I’ve been trying to say. Bella is not as shallow as she seems to people! On the contrary, I think Bella’s character has a lot of depth.
      I just feel the Twilight saga was not something that should have been turned into a movie series. As movies, they’re all wrong.

  4. I totally agree with you. As a teenager and high school I loved Twilight series. I had sleepless nights and failed a test or two coz aint nobody got time to study for a test when you have twilight books to finish 😉
    Those memes irk and people who make fun of twilight, I’m sure they haven’t read a single book from this serioes.
    Yes twilight is nt Harry Potter, it cannot be. But its not that bad as people make it to be. And how can tou judge abook on its movie?! Like helllo!! You dob’t even know million things were Omitted like the meadow scene in Twilight that was my favourite. Sad they had to cut short it in the movie. Yes it has its flaws but the entire series is not all about and old vampire perving over a teeanger. Bella is not as shallow as you think.
    I agree with you again that it shouldn’t have been made it into a movie.
    Twilight is much better minus Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I remember when I had read te first book and watched the movie me and my friends reaction was ” why is edward so expressionless he is supposed to have that smug smile in this scene , smirk here” no kidding seriously! I think only taylor lautner suited his character well.
    Yes, i didn’t find any flaws when i had read them for the first time but now i do find , but i still do defend twilight.
    Anyhow, Twilight is going to be on my bookshelf for generations to read it.

    1. Hi thanks for that extensive comment. Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel about Twilight. I’ve grown to examine it’s faults but I think it gets some undue hatred. Just wanted to put my opinion out there 🙂 Glad you liked it and agreed with it.

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