Procrasti- Yawn.

What have you been putting off doing? Why?

Ughhhhh. A typical day in the life of my best friend and I involve atleast two to three conversations about things we SHOULD be doing right that second and instead aren’t. Here’s a list for you (cheers):

1) Studying. Yes it is on the TOP of our list this year because our careers are on the line and we have no idea how its going to work out yet. But we just spend most of our time making plans, talking, fooling around, doing silly things. In addition, I am on YouTube and WordPress a lot and I also read in my spare time. Although there shouldn’t really be any spare time to boast of.

2) Pull your socks up and clean that sh**! I should clean my room but I ‘ll admit this, I am horrible at that. I think I have gotten better than I used to be. I do put stuff away after I’m done using them nowadays. I put books back in their drawer and straighten up stuff that topples over and I pick up things that fall. I wouldn’t always do that.

Still, the only thing I am sort of proud of in my room this year is this:


Yay. Its my bulletin board with the bookmarks. You can see them all here. And that is a poster of Daenerys Targaryen. I am not even sure why this picture was clicked because you can’t really see anything fully. Oh well.

3) Wash clothes. I don’t understand how I end up with a huge pile of clothes to wash all  the time. It seems to be a never-ending task. Since I live three hundred kilometers away from home, I often bring the whole pile back for mommy but even then, it NEVER seems to end. Its like…like…like one of those never ending things from an Arabian nights story. Or something. 😦

4) Lab files We usually have 2-3 labs every semester and maintaining those files is enormously annoying! Yes and I’m never done unless its due the very next day. I’m just glad this semester I have just one file to maintain. Its sort of a relief.

5) Take Meds. I almost never take my medicines when I am supposed to. Unless something is GLARINGLY wrong and I can feel it all the time. That’s when I won’t forget to take it until its gone.


I think the why part is rather easily answered. Because its so much easier to put off work and read inspiring posts about how you should avoid procrastination and do your work on time rather than actually do it.

Also, sometimes I think I am just scared of some things that I am supposed to be devoting time to and doing them will obviously make me THINK about them. It is often easier to live in denial by pretending the whole darn thing doesn’t exist and looking at cute stuff online instead.

Plus, I often come up with some of my most creative stuff when I am procrastinating, so it’s not all bad!

How to turn it around

Oh just dig your heels in and set to work. Don’t kid yourself, there is no escape and nothing good lies in wait for those who act as though there is. Sob.


10 thoughts on “Procrasti- Yawn.

  1. On this list, I can check off 1, 2, and 3. I’m taking a Principles of Taxation class and it’s so so SO boring. My brain will off due to my Easily-Bored Disorder and I end up finding something else to do that’s entertaining.

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