Finally Excited..Are We There Yet? Dexter Season 8 Episode 8

The last two episodes have gained momentum. We went from suspecting Zach to finding out that he was just a pawn in this game of cat and mouse and the Brain Surgeon story isn’t up yet.

In an unusual move, the writers of Dexter changed the pattern and revived a broken link which everyone had presumed they had killed off, especially considering last season. The Brain Surgeon tie-up, in retrospection, hadn’t made a lot of sense. I had been disappointed and unconvinced by the way that whole thing had ended but it had never struck me to give the story another shot. In fact, I realize now that I had been underestimating the writing abilities of Dexter’s creators, thinking they were playing at the surface alone. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I was just beginning to enjoy the Dexter-Zach bonding scenes. Zach didn’t seem quite so creepy to me, once they cleared up that he hadn’t murdered Cassie. He merely seemed how I’d imagined Dexter to be when he was younger. He seemed eager and ready to please Dexter and pick up tips from him. So his death was not without a little surprise to me.

The question now is; what’s playing? Who is the brain surgeon and why? It seems highly unlikely that a new character is going to enter the mix now, with four episodes to go. So that leaves us to analyze the characters we already have.

I am FINALLY placing my bets on  Quinn. Like I said before, I’ve always found Quinn to have a lot of unexplored depths. But I think there’s finally more for him to do here than just hang around in the background and then stay back to sweep the floor. We do, after all, know that Quinn has had some dirty cop secrets before. Could it be possible at all that he has some even darker ones up his sleeve? Because if we start to think about who killed Cassie so far INSIDE her own apartment, well it most certainly seems to point to Quinn as the most likely candidate. With the lieutenant job no longer in the line, he could easily have decided to continue keeping tail. He does have a knack for going where he shouldn’t and maybe he kept following Zach around. Maybe he FINALLY stopped being dense and collected all those bits and pieces that have been lying right in front of him all this while? Maybe he is finally on to Dexter.

That seems to be the most exciting approach I can think of to end this series. But Quinn cannot exactly be the brain surgeon. For one, he doesn’t know Vogel and has never been treated by her. For another, why would he suddenly decide to turn into a serial killer? There is no justification for that. So if the bludgeoning killer and the brain surgeon are not the same person I cannot think of anyone more interesting than Quinn to be the bludgeon killer. It would be sort of disappointing if Cassie’s boyfriend is the one doing it because that wouldn’t be as exciting.

But I also have some suspect on Jaime. I want her to have a stronger part to play as well.  Which just makes me question many of the things she does, though I really like her character so far.

As for Vogel, she is obviously not who she seems to be. I haven’t liked her presence in Dexter’s life since the very start. What is she up to? Why has she carved her way through Dexter’s defenses and planted herself so close to everyone Dexter has ever cared about? Is she the brain surgeon? That does not sound very likely or appealing to me. Is she assisting the brain surgeon? Maybe.

Another theory I can extend is that Vogel is somehow working with Batista or someone who suspects Dexter? Batista did find LaGuerta’s warrants on Dexter and Debra. What if he pieced every bit of it together, right from the Doakes part to LaGuerta to Debra? What if he realized that anybody who has ever tried to be straightforward about their investigation towards Dexter has ended up dead? So, to protect himself and his sister, maybe Angel decided to be indirect about his investigation of Dexter. Vogel comes into the picture because she initially came to Miami under the pretext of helping the police out. What if that wasn’t the pretext but the truth and gaining Dexter’s trust was part of her plan all along? Could that somehow, be the undoing of Dexter Morgan?

But who is the brain surgeon? This question is killing me right now. I don’t think I can wait a whole other week to find out or at least have some clue. I cannot think of anyone who would have enough background and no loopholes to justify them being the brain surgeon. There’s Elway; he seems darker and there is obviously more to him than we’ve been let on to. He’s been very much interested in Debra. Perhaps the reasons for that are manifold. To be honest, he seems the only likely character. We were told a little bit about his past from what he explained in a candid scene with Debra. Its obvious he has had some hard moments down the road. Perhaps he got messed up enough to seek medical help under Vogel? The background story about his dad seems to have enough weightage for that.

Moving on, Hannah bores me. Her love story with Dexter never appealed to me. I don’t think anything could, after Rita. I liked Cassie because she reminded me of Rita, since she was normal. I was warming up to her but they had to kill her tragically as well. Oh well. People might find Hannah appropriate for Dexter but I don’t. I accept her as a part of Dexter’s surroundings now but I am still on Debra’s side regarding all this. Debra might have backed down for Dexter’s sake but I can’t help but question Hannah’s motives. Are they really as simple to read as all that? Is the only purpose in her having come back is to show how Dexter is going to lose everyone he’s loved? Or is she more than that? Is she still on a murdering rampage of sorts? Has she graduated from just being a poisons-person?

Debra didn’t do much in this episode except just back down when she saw Dexter with Hannah and Zach. In the end, she made her decision. She wants back into Miami Metro. This news at least made me happy. If Debra is coming back for FOUR episodes, that OBVIOUSLY means there is a bigger motive there than just setting the scene for the future, because there is no future left beyond these four episodes. She is obviously back for a specific reason, for the plot.

Questions, questions. This month’s worth of episodes are hopefully going to answer them all, in what I hope is a grandiose fashion. Until next time.

Moment worthy of notice:  Vogel saying most things good or bad in the world, spin off only from a sense of boredom. Well Vogel seems to be playing a nice game of chess, wouldn’t you think? Why can Dexter not see it?


4 thoughts on “Finally Excited..Are We There Yet? Dexter Season 8 Episode 8

  1. I like your theories. Something is definitely up with Vogel. I think she is a psychopath herself, and wouldn’t be surprised if she was working with the brain surgeon as part of her experiment with Dexter, to maniupulate him and see how he reacts. Her quote about being bored is probably going to be very telling, and the way she brushed over the question about how she got into this line of work shows there is something she is hiding. Dexter seems to be ignoring a lot this season and trusting too much.

    1. Yeah! Dexter is dense and passive this season. He’s letting everyone walk over him. Perhaps the reason for this is Vogel. She can, after all, understand Dexter and his emotions, she has knowledge about his past. Maybe she even knows things Dexter himself doesn’t know, given the proximity with which she seemingly knew Harry. So maybe it is because of Vogel’s maneuvering that Dexter has been so trusting and open this season. I mean, a lot of people are in on his secret now and that’s not good in any way!
      I also feel there is more to Jamie’s story than meets the eye, as well as those of other characters both old and new, including Masuka’s daughter.

      1. I wonder if Jamie knows something or suspects Quinn. Quinn has motive to frame Zach and the ability to get that far into Cassie’s apt, but I don’t see him as a killer. Maybe Jamie did it to make Quinn get sergeant, she really seems to care about his career haha!

  2. I am open to everything right now! I just want to get floored by the ending. 🙂
    I really want Quinn and Jaime and Angel to have a bigger part in how all this turns out because they’ve literally been hanging around the show forever and yet they haven’t done anything major so far in all these seasons. Which is just sad!

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