The Internet Rollercoaster. Or A Guide on How to Waste Your Day

A Forever-Regret. Wasting time on the Internet. Here’s how it goes:

I’ll just check my Facebook for two minutes okay? I swear, I’ll go back to work at exactly 6.02.

Oh look, I have a message. And  a notification! Oh what’s this on my Newsfeed? Why on earth is she wearing that dress? Doesn’t suit her at all.

Oh look, that’s the girl playing Sansa from Game of Thrones. She is so pretty but what is she wearing?

It doesn’t matter though. She can pull anything off. I agree with that guy who’s written the exact same thing in that comment under this picture.

Okay so I’ll just reply to the message…oh my God, is USA really going to attack Syria? I don’t see anything good coming out of this. War is so destructive and if Russia plunges in to support Syria, who knows where this will go?

Oh nice, a meme about Obama.

Exactly. I SO totally agree with this!

Oh wow, there’s Selena Gomez saying, ‘Goodnight Paris’. She is so pretty too.

I wonder if she edited this picture herself or she’s got a bunch of people doing everything for her. She is so classy though.

What is she up to on Twitter?

Let me just open Twitter for a minute and take a sneak peak at her. Oh there she is. So she posted this photo nine hours ago through Instagram.

Oh look, there is some breaking news on my Twitter page. Oh my god, a bunch of bikers molested a group of girls in West Bengal and then they say they were just ‘having fun’. I hope they get strictly penalized for this. Why is this country getting more and more unruly day after day? There’s a new case every single day. If those workers hadn’t come to the girls’ rescue on time, who knows what could have happened?

This is just sad.

Oh look, my Facebook newsfeed updated. That’s a pretty dress.

Meanwhile on YouTube

Aww that’s so cute, maybe I’ll just stay on YouTube for a little while.
And the cycle continues…..

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