‘Goodbye Miami’: Dexter Season 8 Episode 10

Dexter uses every single cliche in the ‘How to Write a T.V. Series: A Manual’ book as it prepares to wind down its final and worst season.

*spoiler alert*

The first scene of this episode itself was so ridiculous, it made me feel completely fooled. Vogel is having some sort of a meal with her new-found son (I forgot count of the number of times they eat or have tea together) and I was shocked at how completely one dimensional this new killer Oliver-slash-Daniel really is. And how one-dimensional Vogel herself is. Every thing Vogel says about re-establishing family bonds- it all sounds so fake and dragged in at the last moment. We all expected something from Vogel’s past to crop up at some point along the show, but that it would be so predictable was not to be expected! The ultimate villain who is meant to defeat Dexter was not supposed to be this weak and empty. Even though the acting is good: his eyes do scare me when he makes them wide like that.

Meanwhile Hannah is just walking around all over Debra’s condo, sitting out on a patio facing the ocean, cooking and cleaning around the house and taking care of Harrison; even taking him to the emergency room when he carelessly hurts himself. In short, acting like the perfect housewife. I have totally given up expecting Hannah’s character to take a one eighty degree turn and ending up with a hidden agenda up her sleeve because she’s basically being the perfect wife, step mom and sister-in-law to her new family, even as Dexter browses through Google images of Argentina and daydreams about escaping there.

I’m just going to hang around all over town and hope nobody will notice I’m a wanted criminal!

To give some credit to Dexter’s writers, they finally remembered Astor and Cody as well as Rita. Dexter mentions all three names during the course of this episode, as the show attempts to tell you that he hasn’t forgotten about them. Oh no, he’s going to meet his step-children once before he takes off. Yay them.

Masuka’s daughter is still hanging around. Making one scene appearances, just to remind us that she exists. If this is nothing but a cute little closure story for Masuka, then- oh well, I can’t say I’ll be disappointed because at this point, it won’t seem out of the blue at all.

Meanwhile, Debra still continues to be the most sensible character on the show. Even though she initially gave Dexter a telling off for his absolutely ridiculous plan of packing his bags and hopping onto a flight to Argentina with his son and husband-killing girlfriend, she comes around to expect this decision. Well let’s face it, what’s she expected to do anyway? Then she decides she wants to come back to Miami Metro and takes up on Angel Batista for that.

At the same time, Jaime has big plans for herself and Quinn. She’s sending out resumes (having turned down a good job in Atlanta) and cooking for him and being a great girlfriend, in general, until he just decides to dump her. Because (surprise), he’s obviously been in love with Debra all along. The only high point of the episode was the Jaime-Debra face-off because I really think Jaime’s been too nice so far. There was a time i thought Quinn and Debra were meant to be but then she spurred his proposal and fell in love with her brother and now, when they got together in this episode, it just felt forced.

Want me to say it? Yes, we all know by this point that when Dexter dies Quinn and Debra are going to raise Harrison. I am not sure what will happen to Hannah but I suspect the writers want Harrison to end up in a trailer with his dead parents. How original. I guess Jaime’s taking off to Atlanta but she might brush against some more pain before that happens.

So in the promo for this episode we were told someone was going to die. And it turns out that the death was Vogel’s. It is her death that throws Dexter’s final season completely into the category of pointless. Vogel’s death was so easy to predict that we all thought it wasn’t coming. It seemed to obvious.

Mommy’s dead.

Vogel’s entry into this show was supposed to mean more than just this. Despite the show’s attempts to make her a lovable foster mom for Dexter, all I harbored were feelings of doubt and mistrust. Her sudden entry as a blast from Dexter’s past seemed full of suspicious possibilities to me. There was so much they could have done with her. As a criminal psychiatrist, Vogel was supposed to be an expert at understanding killers. I thought she was playing a game because the idea of her being straightforward made her seem extremely stupid to me and I wasn’t prepared to accept that. In retrospection of her death however, all I face is disappointment. So Vogel was only a silly old woman without a very strong objective for being on the show. Her relationship with Dexter was shaky and unconvincing, her feelings on the sudden reappearance of her son made her come across as weak and irresolute and her understanding of the criminal mind as well as her ability to strike a rapport with criminals seems stupid and inept, put against the string of praises with which she was introduced on the show.

So with the cat out of the bag, the only question remains, who else is going to die? Dexter’s obviously my first choice because it was logical from the start and everyone associated with the show has dropped plenty of hints regarding that. I had only hoped Dexter’s death would be far more spectacular and against  a much worthier enemy. Will it be Debra or Hannah who will join him in the great beyond? Because Harrison is surely walking into the sunset with whoever remains. The Debra-Quinn_Harrison ending sounds more complete to me but a spin-off possibility may be better addressed with Hannah and Harrison. Or Hannah could end up in jail and Harrison could live with Jaime.


Here’s the second last promo of the show:

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