Add Some Pepper Please: How I Met Your Mother- The Final Ride

With Dexter out of the way, I am trying my hardest to control the urge to go on a back-to-back season run with some unputdownable T.V. series. But there isn’t time; too much needs to be done so I want to hold on a little longer. Instead, I decided to compensate with How I Met Your Mother. Season 9 kicked off on a good note and the show is doing a good job of trying to get back on track after all the dragging of the previous few seasons.

Don’t get me wrong,  How I Met Your Mother is still watchable. I still want to know where the story is headed and after the fiasco that was Dexter Season 8, HIMYM feels like a breath of fresh air. The mother is likable, though of course she has to be. What my friend and I liked the most about her is that she’s not this dead-drop gorgeous, stop-your-heartbeat-sexy lady but an earthed, fresh, cute person who’s going to do her role justice. The flash back-flash forward technique that has been HIMYM’s trademark, is still working. Barney Stinson won’t ever stop being a brilliant character (and actor- cheers to Neil Patrick Harris ) and everyone is acting well. The laughs will keep coming.

The mother finally got around to interacting with the gang, as she had a whole conversation with Lily- including some irresistible cookies and a flash forward conversation with Ted, which was well portrayed.

The Mother finally met Lily and there were some cookies and some biting involved.

But the problem- the oh so glaring in my eye problem with the whole situation is that we’ve reached a point by which the dragging of this whole story has become a bit too obvious to be complacent about. Ted Mosby’s children are suffering, for sure. If you haven’t you can check out this Comicon video for yourself:

But we are suffering too because Ted stopped coming off as an impulsive romantic and started to appear a compulsive slut about two to three seasons back. And that kind of cooled down the effect of the first scene between Ted and the mother, which came in episode two of season 9.

The Mother had a warm scene with Ted which came off well, if you stop thinking about all the girls Ted has been with in the interim. 

However, despite it all I am going to continue watching. The final season is all about the mother and that’s definitely going to up the ante and I’m all for it! Because I just want some pepper added to the blandness of life right now (title reference!)

Hang in there!

Robin and Barney’s wedding is all planned out and Barney’s brother James is a part of the entourage!

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