The DNA Bite: A Poem

The morning news speaks out to me

Through the looking glass, my forte

Dreamy-eyes, so sleep deprived

Shrug off sleep, drink coffee to thrive

Sigh again as the flood gates open

And my head starts to burn up like the sun


I love my parents, don’t get me wrong

But I wish they hadn’t thought so hard and long

And not passed it on to me as well

This good but painful habit to dwell

Feelings, emotions, decisions, ideas

They pump right through like falling tears

No break; the moment is too far gone

When I don’t sleep well my thoughts work on


And troubled how worrisome love makes me?

Relax, I bet it’s heredity

Sleepless nights and foolish fights

The glass is half full but I’ll see it half empty


But sometimes I feel I wouldn’t write

If I hadn’t heard all those fairy tales at night

Bed-time was a land of imagination

But even reading is just a part of the equation

If it didn’t run through my veins; this creative urge

I probably wouldn’t be so good with words


So, in conclusion, hold on, back up a little

Don’t just judge away, my inherited heart’s too brittle

And don’t put all this blame on me

You’ll be better off asking mommy and daddy

After all, why should I take this hurl

Since it’s them who brought me into this world.


DNA Analysis: The weekly challenge wanted an introspective post examining the traits you derive through your DNA. We’re a product of our environment, but not quite. I could have come up with another one of those reflective, drippy posts of mine but decided to take this one down a humorous road. Besides, I have really neglected poetry for a long, long time. So here, it is, a post about  inherited traits that alternately make me cringe and make me feel blessed. Sorry, mommy and daddy, I was just having a bit of fun.

Cheers! 😀

Awesome Photo Credit: Grasshopper, Dna

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