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Who does your blog reach out to and what would you have them know? What would you have them learn? What would you have them see?

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If you have a blog, chances are you spend a lot of time obsessing over stats. Who has liked my post? What kind of posts did they like? How many hits am I getting per day? When did I get my highest number of hits? And so on. We’re all concerned about the numbers and the kind of content that generates those numbers. But what we don’t think about that much is even if there are only one or two people on our blog on any given day, what exactly are they taking away from our blog?

Yeah, this thought just struck me today. I don’t give much thought to it either but then it hit me, what if there’s one person cruising through my blog. They may hit like on a couple of posts but are they picking up something? Are they touched or tickled or amused or enthralled or excited or astonished or empathetic about something they read?

If you’re getting fifty hits but not one of those people actually pick up something, then it’s pretty sad for you because you have this means of reaching out to people and you ARE reaching out to them but you’re leaving them with the same hollow, ether-like, dense non-emotion that they were using to surf through in the first place. Because let’s face it, we spend hours browsing through irrelevant things on the net in the hopes to escape reality and get a good laugh or two along the way. But if we just hit upon something, here and there, that would make us want to pause and maybe reconsider what we’re doing, wouldn’t that be great? to just effortlessly find something inspirational? Something that could make you change or tweak a habit or two? Something that could make you want to get off your couch or your desk or your bed and just turn off your computer screen and take a step back, maybe explore something physical?

Be that something. Be that resource. Be that blog. Be that occasional spark of thoughtfulness. Think about it; even if only one person visits your blog but they see something that helps them change their life or even a little part of their life, isn’t it better than the passing through of a hundred people?

Be that impact.

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