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Colour My Life with the Chaos of Trouble

It’s true that stars will guide you home, but so will words.

 Color my life with the chaos of trouble ’cause anything is better
Than posh isolation

These lyrics from a song I first heard of in the movie 500 Days of Summer, still ring in my head. We all have good days and then we have bad days. Fine enough. But there are those days in the middle; the bland, stagnant days when nothing happens and there is nothing to do and no stories to tell. Those are the worst kind.

Love your life. Or a life of movies. Love movies.

So when bad things happen back-to-back and you’re not-so-happy with life, I’ll stay it’s still better than the stagnancy. From the ashes of these fires we rise like a phoenix. That is more important than success. Success is an unrelenting and never-ending pursuit. For those of us who seek it, the journey will never end because if you’re seeking success, chances are you’ll never be satisfied with where you are.

There are places you can start at, sure and places you can get to but there’ll always be somewhere else you’ll want to go. So I’m taking my attempts at hitting the bull’s eye as a symbol of hope and excitement. Hey, it’s better than trudging through the drudgery of stillness. There’s animation in perspiration.  No, I mean it. You miss it when the sparks are gone.

And I don’t want to.

Maybe we should all be defining success on our own terms

Maybe we should give in to our quirks, a little at a time. Like writing in center alignment on your blog. Or making your own illustrations, even if they’re crappy ones like the one I did below, made on Paint:


Let that be your success for the day.

Lyrics: Belle And Sebastian – The Boy With The Arab Strap Lyrics | MetroLyrics\

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