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Gravity. The Movie*

*Does not contain spoilers

We all know how vulnerable human life is. A single snap and it’s gone forever. That’s why we fear for ourselves and our loved ones.

Questions of morality and existence always set up fireworks of colliding thoughts in my head. What are we? And why? And where? And these questions have only begun to emerge in abundance in my head recently; in the past year or so. But because I cannot quench my satisfaction on trying to figure out what life and space and the universe is really like, unassumingly walking in to watch a movie like Gravity was quite an experience in itself.

Now obviously, since it was a movie it took certain liberties that real astronauts cannot take. Gravity took great leaps in making its characters move around in space as if it were a piece of cake. I don’t believe walking about and moving from one shuttle to another in outer space could ever be so simplistic. But I don’t want to look at this movie critically.

The best thing about Gravity was the job it does of making you believe, real hard, that you’re actually in outer space. Yes I was transported into Sandra Bullock’s shoes; from the floating debris almost flying into your face to the tiny drops of her tears coalescing into glob and moving in space, the movie’s 3D effects were breathtaking. It was like literally taking a hike in space yourself and at some points I realized I was holding my breath as though I needed to cut down on my oxygen intake as well.

But when I walked out of the theater an hour and a half later, I was still deeply IN the movie-zone. Why?

Because this isn’t some half-concocted adventure of fairies and hobgoblins. No, this is very real and very out there, surrounding us. And at some point in our future space might be our only chance of survival. It is a dangerous, bizarre and cruel place and we are just tiny dots in a large spectrum. And so who knows? Some of our future generations might have to face everything the movie portrayed and a lot worse. And that is why the effects of this movie had such an impact on me. It was the closest I have ever come to experiencing what being in space could ever be like.

When you think about your transience as much as I do, a movie like this could give rise to a great deal of awe in you. For the vastness of the cosmos, the reasons or lack thereof of its creation, for the cruelty of space and nature and life in general.

So many questions, so few answers.

Watch Gravity and see how small our worlds actually are. You’ve probably never seen space up close and personal like this, unless you’re an astronaut!

Speaking of, here’s an actual space-walking, spacesuit-wearing, shuttle-hopping (nah kidding about the last bit) astronaut’s version of Gravity:

What a real NASA astronaut thinks of the film Gravity.


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