Touched by Seven.

If the essence of existence had to take the form of seven words, what would they be?


Because if I wasn’t here, nothing else would either.

Because when I rise, the world rises with me and when I fall, the world falls too.

Because when I look up I see the cosmos and when I look down I see solid earth.


Because I would be nothing without you.

Because you created me.

You taught me to love and you also taught me to hate.

You taught me to trust and you also taught me how to break.

You picked me up when I fell down and held my hand when I cried.


Because it makes us who we are.

It is all we have and the only time we have it

It is going to take back everything it granted us and we may never know why.


Because the only way we have of knowing anything at all, lies in this one word.

Because whatever we know and understand about ourselves is restricted to what science has taught us.


Because we would never think beyond the bubble in our head if it weren’t for literature.

Because the world of imagination and creativity is confined within the bounds of literature.

And these bounds can be as endless as we make them.


Because we’re lost without it.

We can be swayed without it. We can lose hope and our senses.

Because we need reason to understand, to function, to apply.


Because it’s just this once.

Because it’s transient.

Because when we sink into the ground and are lost forever, it won’t matter anymore.

But right now, in this moment, it does.

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