The Sweet Name of Innocence

No, breaking the silence wasn’t hard.

It was easy to move beyond the point where I didn’t want to talk

To the point where I couldn’t stop revealing everything

It was a disease really

But one I bore well. I think.

I wasn’t born yesterday, after all.

Forever peachy, I was starting to think

Youth and beauty would last forever

Who would deny exquisiteness

When your hair looked like that?

And your skin glowed.

But the single point where it got too hard

Was when I realized the sweet name of innocence

Was less of a war path, more of a peace drive

Just staying stagnant.

Could never be enough

Even for me with my raw heart

The game was turning sour

And the points were piling up against me

But I thought I could hide behind

The sweet name of innocence

I thought wrong.

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