Will India never respect its women?

Enough with the rapes. Enough with the murders. Women are NOT commodities, nor should we have to beg and cry at the feet of Indian men for you to stop seeing us as that.

The next time you sexual-ize/itemize a woman. Take a deep breath and stop.

Sure, women want to be admired for their looks and have the same desires that you do. But expressing/not expressing those desires does NOT mean you can do WHATEVER you want to her!

This problem cannot be addressed until the people in power and the people with any sort of influence don’t LEARN the lesson that women and men are equal. I’ve met many people around me who think women should be locked up at night, who think interactions between men and women are inappropriate unless they are married, who think that women should be fully clothed (which is ironical, seeing how revealing a sari can be. Hey, Muslim women never get raped, right? They are all covered up!), who think girls shouldn’t ride bikes or hang around with guys and look at the girls who do any of these things with contempt.

ONE  lone female voice alone can make a difference but  THREE BILLION of them together can move the world.

Remember, WE form ONE HALF of the world!

PS: On Sunday a woman was murdered in Assam. Following the joke about ‘Assam Rape  Fest’ that went viral and evoked worldwide anger a while back, it seems like a poor irony that this case would come into the limelight now.

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