Tall Summer Dreams

Repinned via Annie Nadolny, Pinterest.

Sepia undertones orchestrated my image

As I stared longingly at the fire

Wisps of strong cinnamon flavored coffee

Hung in the air above

Midriff bare, I took easy, long, tentative steps

The daylight continued to mock me

But I laughed at my tall summer dreams

Repinned via Stephanie Gee Newton, Pinterest.

Happiness was on the cards

And so was dinner at the Cheesecake factory.

A blooming day in Manhattan

The last remnants of spring;

I passed a man crooning in pencil heels

It felt strange but magnified a hundred times over

I didn’t think I would ever have cared

About how sober, vulgar life could be

I don’t know if I would have wanted to stay here

Because the daylight would continue to mock me

But then

Then I laughed at my tall summer dreams.

Keeping up with the Jones


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