Eggs and Stars!

On one of my sojourns to a newly opened night canteen where we can satiate our midnight hunger pangs, as I waited for my scrambled eggs the lights went out for about a minute.

Instead of staring impatiently at space or screaming out in indignation, I chose, in that moment, to stare out of the window.

The night sky greeted me. Down below and far away, city lights twinkled the way they always do. But up above the stars shone in silent magnificence.

It saddened me to imagine that there is that world out there at night. We never think about it anymore, captured as we are in these artificial holes; a limbo made of unnatural light and electricity and speed and virtual worlds whilst there is so much more beyond that window.

How afraid we are of what the night holds! How helpless if we’re ever left out in it to fend for ourselves. How dependent we are on this collective knowledge, collective development that has given us these unnatural, unreal indoor worlds. Could we ever survive without them? Could we ever have to?

Strange questions are invoked in the most stunning of minutes.

Then the lights came back on; I took my scrambled eggs and returned to the wonders of the online world!

Snapshots: Weekly Writing Challenge

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