Life · philosophical · Poems

Blue, Grey, Black.


The moist blue sky
I felt poignantly suspended
In a black-white film
Dressed flimsy, arms flailing
Skirt flying, heart laughing

A tale of love and lust
And powerful sappy scenes
Languidly waved my hand in the general direction
Giving way to the power holding over me
I swooned, you swept
It’s the overtly passionate song again
Like a musical on the big screen

A decked out hall outside, waiting for me
A limousine gliding out so  silently
A brisk bad world that could destroy me
Gobble me up for lunch, spit me out the same night

Grey moments pass me by
I smile at the thought of living in disguise
Big glasses and anonymity so sweet
It’s almost as if it’s been several weeks
But God the silence still feels golden
Slicing through this happy, giddy stardom
I put my arms out over my head
I scream and shout, this feels better than dead

Blue burning hearts but this time it’s magical
There’s a lift in the wind, I pat down my skirt
Touch up my makeup, find some high heels to go
Swinging in the back seat in the dark, seedy show
Grey whispers and stares are directed at me
But maybe, just maybe I’ll find better days
A bouquet of black roses just withering away
I made a big folly in coming here today.


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