Life · Poems

A Wall

You told me you wanted better days
I told you I know I’m making mistakes
You said yes, but I don’t like it today
It’s one or the other or we go separate ways

I said nothing, you chose to ignore me
We let it bubble and boil in anonymity
We let them talk, we still said nothing at all
And after a while it grew into a wall

It’s strange when I think back about how badly it hurt
My very first lesson about knees scraped and feelings burnt
It took me so very long to brush off the dust
And now I’m left so weary over issues of trust

People say it’s a good thing, I needed someone like you
To teach me a lesson about things I should never do
They’re right of course, I have learnt to stand ever so tall
And that’s the only thanks you’ll ever get for building up that wall.


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