The Butterflies :)

Derek thought he held the whole world in his arms when he held her. It began with a simple kiss but soon turned out to be so much more than that. He felt like fireworks were playing a riot in the sky above him and bloody hell how!

The second time he met her, she looked adorable in a blue dress, stars shining in her eyes. He couldn’t resist; the kisses became louder and harder still. He found himself breathe in her hair, they smelt like roses and lavender and her skin was the most delicate thing he had ever touched.

That’s when he first asked her her name.

‘Delilah’, she replied simply in a voice with a lilt that seemed to entice him and tease him at the same time. He didn’t need to hear another word. She was pouting her lips and he bent down to kiss them but for once she pushed him away, laughing.

‘Aren’t you gonna tell me yours?’ she asked.

‘Derek’, he replied, too busy to reply, too busy to notice how big and round her eyes became when he uttered that one word.

‘So Derek. What do you do?’ she asked innocently. She was like an angel and soon he was telling her about his job in London, the long hours, the commute, the expenses and above all the loneliness of it all.

‘I can’t talk to just about anyone. And it’s just hard’, he told her.

‘Well let me make it a little easier for you,’ she flirted coyly and wrapped her arms around him and he forgot all about the world outside for a long time.

The next morning he packed to leave. He left his toothbrush behind, thinking, ‘I’ll be back here soon. He thought about how grand it would be, then took her leave gently.

When he finally got to the city, he took a cab to work and entered the  gigantic glass building with its glossy floors and perfectly lit hallway. It felt like heaven for a change, not a concrete prison.

He entered his cabin and took a step back. There was a note on the door. The handwriting was beautifully curled and simply read, ‘Derek’.

Deborah, he thought in a heartbeat, dropping his coat to the floor as he delicately picked up the note.

Opened it. It read, ‘You gave me a beautiful weekend. But I cannot belong to you. I can belong to no human being, Derek. I’m just not meant to. I can’t tell you why we met or how lovely it was but I thought I’d leave you a goodbye present. Don’t try to find me. Deboraaah.’

As he contemplated the way she had spelled out her name, something changed. Suddenly, he heard fluttering. His stomach lurched as the floor of the room began to shake in gentle waves. He held on to his desk for support but suddenly the envelope that had contained the letter burst and a thousand butterflies fluttered out.

Red, orange, green, blue, purple, yellow- all colors of the rainbow and possibly more fluttered out of that envelope and flew around his cabin, reaching every corner. Unafraid, free. Some of them reached out to him. Sat on his arms. Others fluttered out of the open window but many many more just swirled around and around in a magnificent display of absolutely stunning colors.

Derek watched with his jaw dropped.

His office door burst open and a colleague walked in.

‘Holy mother of God!’ the colleague exclaimed.

And suddenly, Derek was laughing out loud. And he just couldn’t stop!

Just details!

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