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Random Ramblings About the L-Word

Life comes in chunks and blocks of meaningful inundations broken off by restless periods of nothingness. But the truth about life is that is exists, in some form or the other, every single day. Whether we breathe hard and live fast or stay complacent in a coalescing river of time, life comes.


And so does love.

There’s always so much to say about love that sometimes there’s nothing left to say. But as I keep learning, I feel fortunate when it comes to this four-letter word that can move the world, cause storms and bring the strongest people to their knees.

But love isn’t something you can give up on. 

Despite the thrashing love takes everyday by millions of suitors and unrequited lovers, people separated by death or disease or distance- ask the people who have loved or still love, how beautiful it is. How magical. How dreadfully patient it requires you to be. How painfully optimistic. Love takes every iota of strength you possess.

That’s why people give up. It’s why they break down. It’s why they curse and yell and scream and agonize. And yet, they continue to love. Everyone does.

How ironical. And yet, how befitting it is that an ode to life cannot be complete without one to love, because nobody can escape from its grasp.

The biggest example I always like to think of in this regard is Adolf Hitler. The military dictator and mass-murderer who threw the entire world into chaos kept a secret lover. Secondary though she was to everything he dedicated his life to, she was still the woman he loved and desired and married, even if it was on the eve of his suicide. Perverted love, but love indeed.

And love is strange too. It manifests itself in different forms, coming out when you might least desire it. Not expect it even

But on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again

croons Taylor Swift in one of the love ballads about the electric sparks of new love. It’s just one of those songs that could bring your first date to mind. When you were just a little bit scared but also excited. Not knowing was part of the fun then. That need for heat sometimes drives loves in strange directions, even negative ones. But when love is stripped of all the firsts, what remains isn’t raw passion but a long-drawn, respectful reverence. Emotions can still be thickening, but they won’t make you heady anymore. Things might feel stagnant but many of us dream of reaching a stage of stability like that and it feels wonderful to be there. It’s like reaching the top of a plateau and planting yourself firmly on it’s surface, ready for the smooth ride. Like a highway after a rugged country road.

I don’t know why I wanted to talk about love today. Maybe because I have been feeling blessed and grateful recently. Maybe because of all the shades of love that exist, only some appeal to me and the ferocity with which I guard myself now, coupled with the love I experience, makes me feel filled to the brim with satisfaction.

To wrap up what turned into rather a long-drawn diary entry, the kind you might find in a teenager’s journal  maybe (though I hope I displayed more maturity than that), here’s a sweet song I heard just last month and haven’t stop singing since:

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