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“Welcome Back, Mr. Holmes”

*May contain spoilers*

Everyone’s favorite modern Sherlock rendition is finally back in an episode that threaded its way through the hearts of a long-pining Sher-locked fandom.

I am not sure what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have thought. I really feel for him at times, turning in his grave, the poor chap. It is a well-known fact that Sir Doyle couldn’t bear his own creation: Sherlock made him but he also killed him. When you see Sherlock in action, especially in Benedict Cumberbatch’s curly-haired, brown-eyed, suave silhouette, it ain’t hard to figure out why.

Two years in the making and Sherlock comes back cocky and as  inhumane as always but less self-assured than he used to be. The pressure has been on to bring him back with a bang. Let’s face it. Anything less than what was delivered would have been a disappointment. Sherlock had to be inept at understanding the impact his absence had on our favorite sidekick. ‘I grieved for you, I cried over you’, the Watson-Sherlock bond comes out stronger than ever in this episode and Sherlock says sorry a bunch of times. Coming from him, it has to be a guilt-trap or a way to extract something. But as far as Watson was concerned, Sherlock’s apology was heartfelt. His apology to Molly, on the other hand, took me by surprise. I didn’t expect warm, crinkly eyes, a pat on her shoulder, a kiss! Sherlock’s inconsistency in regards to the few people who seem to matter to him is what makes him appealing. He’s not an angel, he admitted in the masterpiece that was  The Reichenbach Fall, but he is on the side of the angels. And perhaps, this season his love or whatever it is that such geniuses feel, is going to be put to test because everyone now knows that Sherlock does hurt every time Watson gives him that condescending, I-didn’t-expect-anything-less-awful-than-this-from-you look.

But Sherlock is simultaneously laughing at his fandom too. . The question on everyone’s mind, every time Sherlock comes back from the dead, is how did he do it. Ask Sir Doyle, he was the one who had to revive the beloved character he was glad to get rid of in the middle of an infuriated readership which wanted Sherlock back, at all costs.

How indeed, did Sherlock pull this one off? Did he do a Felix Baumgartner from the top of that building? Did he have a bungee cord attached to him? Did he land on a gigantic airbag and simply bounce off to Neverland? Did he kiss Molly afterwards? Was he making out with Moriarty all this time and thought this would be the best way to get rid of Watson’s obsessive-compulsive need to be around him? Don’t laugh ‘coz Sherlock’s writers sure did; these are all theories they put into this episode.

So what really happened? The truth is, we may never know. Sherlock has played his cards close to his chest and this secret is going to remain a secret. For people who can’t get closure without knowing, it’s going to be hard to accept that their favorite hero is back but that sure as hell doesn’t mean his best-kept secret has to be out as well.

Through the streets of London and the brain-map of Holmes’ intellect, we’re on quite a ride again. Congratulations, fandom. A new villian is on-board and he better be far more lethal than Moriarty.

PS: Oh please never show us that awful moustache, ever again Mr. Freeman.


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