Random Thoughts about Blogging and Writing-NEWNESS.

Blogging regular stuff?

It used to be so much easier for me to pour everything out on paper (or computer screen). Even when it was out there on the big scary Internet. It seems like it’s getting harder! Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

I dabbled with impersonal posts for a while but sometimes you crave the journal entry. Since I’ve put my blog out on Facebook now, I know people who know me will    definitely   are going to might end up here by some curious stroke of fate which’ll make them go, ‘Oh this sounds interesting, let’s give it a read, shall we?’ if they accidentally press the link connecting their Newsfeed to my blog post. And then, ka-boom!

Walking down the street, trying to be all nonchalance?  No way, they might have read your blog and now they know what you’re thinking. Oh haha.

Still, as a writer I’ve got to get used to that. But I can’t get this thought out of my head. It’s a line from a song, actually.

It feels like I’m naked in front of a crowd and these words are my diary screaming out loud.

Yup. That happens. How would you know? It does. Anna Nalick is singing it right here.

So people are telling me to take the big step and just let the unknown gobble me up.

‘Be a writer!’, they urge me.

And suddenly:

How, exactly, do you be a writer?

Hey. I’m not Robert Frost.

But that was then and this is now.

Can I even dare?

My conditioning kicks in.

But why shouldn’t I work at something that could be fun?

Can I dream of doing something where I get paid to write?

I was penning a story recently. And when I was done, I realized I was very cold and it was midnight and I hadn’t noticed.

Isn’t that what any work you do should feel like?





So will I follow my heart and do something new? With time, maybe.

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