Warning: Loading Inspiration. Do Not Disturb.

Warning Two: Another blog post about writing blog posts!

I was just thinking, ten seconds ago as I waited for my wonderful, super-fast college internet connection to load today’s daily post (just to check back and see, you know, whether there’s something there that would spark off my creativity ‘coz this head ain’t working today), how different it is- writing from home and writing from college.

I guess it’s because when I am at home I have so much time for self-discovery and self-introspection (whatever that might mean. Even if it doesn’t sound like something young people should need to do a lot!), that my imagination seems to turn juicier and flow quicker. In college however, my head starts to spin with the burden of confronting so many different equations with a multitude of different vibes that the part of me that sparks off the creative cells in my head seems to coagulate. Or go into hibernation, or something!

There’s this thing I have which I’ll call the creative itch though I’m not quite sure if that is the term which will be valid in this context. It’s like, there’s times when you want to write and you know exactly what needs to go on your blank white screen. Then there’s the time when the creative itch is so strong that you’ve simply got no option but to do something about it. The catch in the second case, however, is that you got nothing! Try as you might, it’s like you might as well be brain dead because your head just refuses to fly about or generate a penny’s worth of thoughts. I hate when that happens.

When somebody disturbs me in the middle of a writing frenzy- I  hate that too

Maybe this is a writer thing. Maybe it’s like, you’ve got to be a little eccentric when you’re writing. And in that respect, I kind of am.

I wouldn’t mind being disturbed in the middle of a novel unless I’m two pages away from finding out who killed Roger Ackroyd. But if I’m at any stage in any sort of writing, it can be a real blood boiler if you’re disturbed. Unless it’s to eat. I’m always ready to eat. Yeah, call me if you have food!

So. I guess, when it comes to writing, this is how it goes:

It’s not always about having to prove yourself. It’s not always about having to come up with something fabulous because people believe you can write and you want them to keep believing that.

It’s about satisfying that urge inside you, the urge that makes you want to write.

I don’t know where that comes from. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it takes. But I know that that urge comes to me in the strangest places, in the strangest hours. Sometimes minutes before I drift to sleep, I come up with a few ideas for stories but the next morning they’re gone. I know, I know. Keep a pen and notebook handy by your bedside. But do you know how inconvenient that is? Because you have to get up to switch on the light anyway (sorry, table lamps- is that still a thing?). Yeah we have phones now but using my phone just doesn’t seem to work somehow. Anyway, inspiration doesn’t usually hit me in the bathroom, no. But sometimes it hits me when I am staring at the computer screen, undisturbed for a while.

So to sum up:

  • I need peace and quiet.
  • If you’re talking to me and I’m not listening, it means I’ve sadly drifted off to irretrievable dreamland but if you start yelling things like, ‘Pizza! Chocolate chip cookies! Sandwiches!’ at me, I’ll come back to you. I promise.
  • Bathrooms are only good for singing. But concerts can spark off teenage romance novels over brooding, tall guitarists who’re vampires after the show.

I think that answers the question.

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