The Lament

Jacks Lament by Yang-Nakajima on deviantart

He had to wait for a little while
Under the brilliant gaze of the pristine yellow fire
Unbridled, it rose not like waves but tiny spools of thread
Unwinding into the distance blinding haze
And still no message from heaven arose
No tip-toeing of the men and women who lived their
The air was silent, flaming and oppressive
He chose to sing his favourite song

His voice rose in a baritone
So powerful the frozen streams cried
And squirrels raised their sleeping heads, intoxicated
And all the pigeons fluttered from the rooftop
Gathering as though beckoned by a splatter of grains
But no child cried into the foreign night
Or pleaded for mother’s milk in the awful infant scream no human can ignore

He sang deeper still
The mountains themselves began to move under the weight of a thousand years
When the sand shifted, the pain of centuries rose through dust
Bellowing patterns formed in the sky, the stars disappeared
Glory was abandoned in the search for earthly sorrows
The kind that could shift the patterns of the night sky
But no human came, moved by the recollections of a childhood long gone
By the fact that men grow old and men die
And sometimes nobody can replace them

He finally rose and decided to leave
But something called him back, much like the tidal waves
Are pulled back by the moon no matter how hard they resist
He stumbled, half-blinded by his own creations
But into the pit and far, far down below
There were corpses piled high: men, women and children
And beasts swarmed with bees and cockroaches
With intense red waves, thickly coloured over and under
He collapsed; felt life oozing out of him
In one quick movement, it was all gone.



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