How Your Mother Met Me


The most beautiful episode to come out of How I Met Your Mother in years and it barely had glimpses of the show’s star cast in it.

How Your Mother Met Me explores the story from the mother’s point of view in a synopsis that was heart-felt and warming. It’s her story through and through and she delivers so wonderfully that in just one episode, you love her more than you can ever love Ted.

She lost her boyfriend at twenty-one and vowed never to love again. Then when she finally decided New York wasn’t terrifying enough to spend the rest of her life in one room, she took up economics and formed a band, learning to play the ukulele- which had been her boyfriend’s last gift to her. Her story is interspersed with what are supposed to be serendipitous moments where Ted’s life collides with her. But right from the yellow umbrella and all the way down to her the cute little muffin song she makes up on the spur of a moment- everything about her will make you fuzzy inside.

When she tells a guy, ‘I was in love with someobody a long time ago and he died…I’m sorry, It’s silly but it’s like the first lottery ticket I ever bought was like kaboom! Jackpot! And I’m sure I’m never gonna win again. Not like that anyway. So I don’t generally buy lottery tickets’, you wonder how what she had is going to beat what’s supposed to be her destiny with Ted. Is he supposed to beat someone she couldn’t let go off for ten years and has to say a tearful goodbye to, every time she decides to move on? Because I felt for her when she turned her head skywards and told him, ‘I guess this is it. For real this time.’

Is he supposed to beat the guy who makes her heart-broken enough to sing the absolutely brilliant rendition of ‘La Vie En Rose’? I sure wonder how.


I liked Cristin Milioti from the first glimpse but she won my heart with this episode 🙂

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