I’m Falling


I’m falling, perhaps because there is no bottom to this pit.
I’m falling, perhaps because everything I thought was true isn’t. And everything I thought wasn’t true, is.
I’m turning in my sleep and I call out but I don’t know who is supposed to hear me
I wake up in the middle of the night, turn my head from side to side to find some comfort in my pillow but it ends up hurting me
I turn towards my phone in the dark; the emptiness is overwhelming. It’s squeezing me
I’m falling and then there is no ray of sunshine left to turn to.
I’m falling and it feels as though the fire will consume me.
I’m falling and the air is still, silent with the ringing of the dead that haunt the night.
I’m falling and the endless murky waters pull me under
And I’m just falling…

Crossroads? Every single day feels like one as of now. I think every time I step out of the door, I embrace something new. I think I’m changing from inside me. I’m not afraid and I’ve never been this fearless before and it’s scary too. I’m a bundle of contradictions but maybe that’s a good thing. Even if it isn’t, it’s the way I am right now and that should be good enough too, shouldn’t it?

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