Love · philosophical · Poems

Linger Forever

I linger on your lips
A thought in your head
A forlorn, love-struck thought
A battered, enchanting thought
A splatter of longing and a touch of naivety

I linger in your touch
Like the bristling strokes of a painter’s torn brush
Like the current passing through a dry winter day
Like the waves crashing on the shore and then abandoning it
Like a moment, there and then gone forever

I linger in your breath
Like a sudden blast of cool sea breeze when you travel over the waters
Like the last blow of after-dinner mint after a tall glass of lemonade
Like the night lily lingers in the duskiness

I linger in your arms
Like a lover long-gone with the embrace left cold
Like a tune, half-remembered in the recesses of your mind
Like a symphony so enchanting, you almost cry
Like an emotion so over-powering, you want to die

I linger in the sky
Like a poet’s muse, like the crackers after the celebrations
Like the crusts on your plate, like those destroyed lines of fate
I linger, forever and ever.


Linger- Daily Prompt


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