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My dear swollen, smitten soul
You are whispering, piteously passing
Glances like a dull, hollow troll.
Trickster! Your sullen sassing
Builds misery in my rotten life
Like hot butter cut by a blunt knife

My dear crooked carousel
You reek of memories hardhearted
Yet baked in hot, squishy caramel
Folly! What black magic have you started
With cards that make me gamble so
In a minute, left with nothing to show

My dear unknown benefactress
You think you are on a level playing field
But this world will cut right through your crest
Alas! Your only miserable shield
Will break against the war path of light
This day will fall without a fight

My dear wizened, wisecracked phases
You’re flooding under a mountain of noise
But the powerful symphony still blazes
Wake up! You don’t have a choice
You will die like an ant crushed under a sole
So fled the world and take your soul.


Daily Challenge

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