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A Mother’s Poem

Your little heart is made of gold
I never thought I would meet someone so divine
Your every tiny movement reminds me
Of love and happiness and absolute, unperturbed purity

Your soul is a little white wisp
A thread magically woven into a silver braid adorned with stars
You are pretty but even more so because
You see everything through large eyes full of wonder

Your tiny hands and tiny feet
Tell me how truly blessed I am that you fell into my lap
These tears- why I never knew what value they could have!
It was etched into me that you would forever come to me

Your beautiful, soft fragility
I will protect you with every atom in my body
I don’t think love can be anything but this delightful vulnerability I feel
Every time I hold you close to my chest

Your unending stream of questions
They remind me of something I had once had but lost
You’re the mistress of a castle I’ll build for you with my bare hands
And you’ll sit atop a cloud, float through every dream you desire

When you laugh I imagine little droplets of rain fall from heaven
And every day that you’re with me is a day to be thankful for
I know one day I will wrinkle and fall
But even my last breath will embrace you with a renewed gift of fierce life.

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