The ‘Her and Him’ Poem

Ironically a ‘She and Him’ pic.

Is that her? And is that him?
Are they together now?
Is she talking? Are they walking?
Are they holding hands?
What is she wearing? What is he wearing?
Where did they go? Who paid?
What did he give her? What did she bring him?
How much money did they spend?

Is she with him now? Wasn’t he with someone else?
Who broke up and when?
Is she crazy? Is he loco?
Did they have a good time?
Why are they smiling? Is she blushing?
What is that in her hand?
Are they happy? Are they soppy?
Oh my, so cheesy!
Go get a room, please
What’s with all this romance?


An evening walk with a friend and some good old food for thought! These words just fell out of our mouths; a fully formed poem aimed at people who make it their business to know the tiniest life details of everyone they ever see. It just made sense to write it all down when I got back.


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