Breaker of Chains: GOT Season 4 Episode 3


In the aftermath of the Purple Wedding (glee), King’s Landing is already picking up the pieces. Cersie mourns the loss of her favourite child but Lord Tywin is already one step ahead- planning the ascension of the new king, Joffrey’s younger brother Tommen by instructing him on the virtues of a wise king which, incidentally, revolve more or less around following the advice of your counselors. Cersie gave up on trying to get her father to stop insulting her dead son just a few feet away from his dead body and chose instead to appeal to Jamie, asking him to avenge their son upon Tyrion, on whose head she blames the whole business. Jamie however seems less inclined to blame his younger brother without proof or a trial and he reminds Cersie that Tyrion shares their blood.

And although they kiss for comfort, Cersie pulls back to grieve but Jamie exclaims, ‘You are a hateful woman. Why have the Gods made me love a hateful woman?’ and proceeds to rape his sister behind the alter where Joffrey lies dead, in a scene that makes you recoil at the incestuous horror of the whole thing.

Sansa, in the meantime, has been taken off the coast by Sir Dontos who accompanies her to Petyr Bealish whilst Tyrion, made aware of his upcoming trial, ponders helplessly upon losing his one potential ally in a way that makes him look guiltier- for although Sansa had the necessary motives to wish Joffrey dead, he does not consider her a likely candidate. Aside from that, the only other person Tyrion frees from blame for this particular assassination is Cersie, whose love for her children is renowned, making this a unique mystery for King’s Landing. Oberyn continues to be obnoxious but since he is to be one of the  three judges along with Tywin and Tyrell for the  trial of the king’s murder, he stands as the best hope for Tyrion. Meanwhile, Sansa’s escape makes her a wanted woman for the Lannisters.

At the wall the wildings continue their butchery and cannibalism and Castle Black prepares for the inevitable siege, which does not look hopeful so far. Given Jon Snow’s upcoming role, he still manages to give baffled expressions and do little in the way of preparing his fellow black cloak-bearers.

Davos is looking for newer means to fund his King since he does not lay the same amount of trust as Stannis does in the Lord of Light’s power to deliver. With Joffrey dead, Davos thinks their best bet is to borrow some gold from Braavos and trade that for an army, even though a bought army is not very honorable for Stannis.

Meanwhile Arya tries to appeal to the softer side of the Hound who still believes in dog eat dog (a valuable Westeros lesson anyway). Arya is cheeky and funny and very cute and lovable until you remember how she slashes through people with a sword and falls asleep every night muttering a list of victims she need to murder to avenge all the pain she’s borne. A lot of plots are going to start converging soon but that will have to wait for next season. Meanwhile Game of Thrones is still building up into a storm.

Daenarys has dug in her heels in preparation to conquer Meeren. Getting caught up in the slave cities continues to be her downfall when she should be sailing for Westeros. Even Tywin acknowledges her presence as a far-off threat for now. It will be long before that changes.

The pieces moved slowly today with little in the name of progress. After the assassination of an important character next week, these were necessary movements aimed at setting the scene for the next big storm. More next week with ‘Oathkeeper’, where the above stories will make headway (as per the promo). Until then.

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