I struggle every day to stay sane
Or the walls of this terribly broken world
Will close in on me
Burying me
Choking me
Leaving me underneath a pile of rubble sky-high

I struggle on the edge of what they call ‘normal’
Trying to walk on the thin line without tumbling over
I tell myself the same things over and over
I try to see beauty where there is misery
Happiness where the dark creeps through
Hope where there is a large expanse of nothingness

I cannot live the lies anymore
They ring in my ears
In the dead silence of the night
In the remorseful introspection
And in the middle of this naked truth
I stand unbidden. Contemplating.

2 thoughts on “Contemplating

  1. The poem has turned out really well . The gist of the poem is very well conveyed! It has reader binding capabilities . “I struggle at the edge of what they call “normal” “, is truly a line of a poet/poetess !!!

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