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Blue Loft turns FOUR.

Four? Are you freaking kidding me? It’s been four years since I have been writing in this little white box bordered with a bunch of random tools and just hitting ‘Publish’ and letting thoughts out into the globe? Four years ago (oh boy, here I go again), I had no idea what to expect when I started putting some of the scribbles out of my notebooks and diaries up here just because people said I should. But this space has become ‘home’ in  weird way and it’s obviously great to have people tell me they enjoyed a post or two (who doesn’t like flattery?).

New Monthly Segment

So far I haven’t really been doing any regular segments although I have often thought about them. The nearest I have come to this has probably been through my Dexter and Game of Thrones weekly reviews. But for a while now I have wanted to do a section on some interesting unsolved/solved/unsolvable cases/stories/anecdotes. The world is stories we wonder about but many are left untold and so I’m going to take something interesting up each month and speculate upon it. This is exciting! But let’s see. I’m going to start this month with something interesting, I promise you. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and making me not feel like a complete idiot who is just blubbering to herself.

I’m grateful for every view, like, comment, vote and subscription. I really am. I would have gone on writing anyway (probably. hopefully) but it’s better to know that a bunch of people actually do stop by to read what is often only a random rant like this one.

And so although I’m not launching into another year of blogging with the toddler Blue Loft with any sort of pomp whatsoever, I just hope that if you’ve ever found something here that you liked, you’ll keep coming back and finding more reasons to connect. 🙂



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