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Open Letters Part Four


Dearest S* (because you’re such a star and also because I needed a way to distinguish you from the other S-person in my open letters and since I am an S too, it just adds to the confusion)

Today seems like an apt day to write the last of my open letters because today was another one of the days when you and I hung out together without anyone else around. And as always, it was so much fun.

I don’t really know what to say to you. We have spent four years being friends but our friendship has always been unassuming, easy, pleasant. That is because you are the kind of person who can put anyone at ease. You’re so helpful and approachable and although I have seen your sober side, I will always think of you as the girl who would always put a smile on my face whenever I met her.

Last December when I felt alone and needed someone, you came through for me wonderfully. I will never forget you cooking for me and how sumptuous it was- fried rice with boiled eggs. And how, the next day, we went around and had momos and chicken rolls and iced tea and shared chocolates.

I can literally count on one finger the times you and I have been away from everyone else and just hung out. From the frogurt walk where we ended up clicking selfies on the CRC steps to dancing for an hour on ‘You Hang Up Kinda Love’ and ogling shamelessly at Shane Ward to today’s cycling-and-watermelon-expedition, we have made some good and intimate memories. Your stories always interest me. I have seen you at your best and at your worst and it makes me happy to have been a part of it all.

Your inherent goodness shines out through you and it’s that which makes you so wonderful and ‘zesty’ to other people. You are goodness personified because you never turn anyone away and I love you for that. As I wrap up these intimate letters, I feel my heart grow a little heavy but your light shines through. You are tender and exquisite and graceful and talented and such a mesmerizing dancer that I could watch you forever and not get bored!

I am very proud of the fact that you trust me enough to share your secrets with me. Being a part of your life has been brilliant and knowing a slice of you that others don’t makes me feel special. I won’t break your trust and I wish for you to stay protected and happy always.

Lots of love


One thought on “Open Letters Part Four

  1. Trying to make me cry?? -_- This open letter made me feel important 🙂 Dearest ‘S’, i will always be there when you are alone and in need of someone. Much love :*

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