We’re Going Places

How often has my baggage controlled me? Held me captive? Forever and ever but I’m learning to change that now.


Just thinking about the moments
When I was too afraid to talk
To people from the opposite side of the spectrum
Wondering what will they think and
Will I just be wandering dust
Speckled unfortunately against their eyes?

The outrageous idea that
I could be a lot more than I had ever been
Never entered my head
The fact that my life was my own to define
Struck me as the oddest, most sensational
News- a story pasted in bold headlines
Across my forehead

I wouldn’t have been this way
If it hadn’t been for people
But I wouldn’t be that much better either
If it hadn’t been for people
Who helped me dig my heels
Tapped me on my forehead and said
‘Wake up, we’re going places now.’


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