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As the Dust Settles

As the dust settles on what was clearly a clean-sweep for BJP (the incoming government is slated to be one of the strongest this nation has ever seen), it remains to be seen without flowing away with the euphoria of the winds of change, whether or not these sky-high expectations would be met. It is quite something to have vision, quite something to etch it into manifestation in one state of a nation so diverse. But it is something else indeed to bring out that vision to encompass the whole country, especially when that country is adulterated with a culture of hero-worshipping, idolizing, emotionally blown away men and woman.

The biggest factor that changed in these general elections was the coming of age of a whole new generation of youngsters with the Internet on their fingertips, with an urge to do away with the ‘everything-works-just-fine’ complacency and the passion to exercise their democratic right by stepping outdoors to cast a vote and coupled with a tech-savvy, performance delivering, witty-comeback-spawning, visibly active leader, this proved to be the downfall of the opposition. Or it could be the way the opposition chooses to smile when life ain’t a bed of roses anymore:

Something else for Twitterers to rip to shreds.

Either way, with the ‘Modi wave’ having fully formulated into a real saffron wash across the country, potential questions come up regarding the what next? Development is something that is clearly going to be on the cards. Media is bursting with anticipation and goodwill is pouring in from most sectors, deniers of the wave having been silenced for the meantime. I think  that with the mood swinging upwards, there should possibly be a big boom on the cards. Take for example, the announcement by Amul, a diary cooperative which burst out in the 1950s and led to India’s very own White Revolution, to expand business into Varanasi  by setting up a plant for Rs 200 crores. Varanasi was the seat for which Mr. Modi contested during the elections. This seems to be a part of the trickle down effect that is naturally associated with him. Although it would be simplistic to expect everything to carry forward on hopes alone, mere palpitation cannot be enough and global factors would come into play as well; strong governance is what we are in need of, along with a stricter protection of the country’s sovereignty against external forces.

There is a long way to go yet but if anything can ever make you believe in democracy, it is this. The coming together of the world’s second most  populous country and striking down the dynasty rule of a family seen as majorly reduntant to the machinations of that nation. That, if nothing else, is reason enough to hope for good things.

PS: My first ever political post comprises of just a few things that I really wanted to say.


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