Speak for Me


I must suffer thus
In weak wintry resolve
In a fight that will fall all around me
While the whole world will dissolve
I will seek a happiness that only pain can bring
And the kind of music that silence produces
I will linger in your hands
In the parenthesis of your sentences
I will briskly fall like adulterated rain
Into the lap of your smiling soul
I will run a race against time and think,
You will love me for my benevolence
Not for my crumbling steely resoluteness

I will become something less and something more
Than the whole world would dream of
I will state in words so calm
That love cannot be bought but it often is
And shamelessly I will give up
Everything that feels painfully unreal to me

I won’t be just another word
I won’t be just another name
I won’t live for my poems but
I’ll let my poems live for me
I won’t live for love but
Will let love live in me.


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