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Weather Preferences Explained Through Frozen (Mostly)

A weather post!

The greatest thing about weather, I believe, is how easily you can use it to find a topic of conversation when you have nothing else to say. Since I am often faced with this problem because I tend to get very tongue-tied at times (although I’ve been miraculously improving in this department lately!), I know how to effectively use it as, not just a conversation-starter but as a conversation piece instead. Which means I can talk about it for a really long time.

‘Oh my God, isn’t it hot today?’

‘Don’t you hate it when the humidity makes everything so sticky?’

‘Isn’t that an oddly shaped cloud, right there? When do you think it will rain?’

In fact, I could easily be this woman when you’re talking to me:


But to be honest, I’m NOT a winter person. While I have friends who go around, all:

I’m right there, going:

So I like the sun and the beach and that perfect combination of water and heat. I like shorts and summer drinks and sunglasses and bright sun-kissed days where the world’s lit up. Occasional rains are okay but too much can get really gloomy. In fact, I want to be Olaf, just chilling at the beach with a tall glass of lemonade and maybe going into the water once in a while.

It doesn’t always work out. I spent three years living in a place where it rained perpetually, religiously almost every day. Feeble sun days were very few and far between. It was really gloomy, facing the stickiness and the muddiness and having to trudge through ankle deep water puddles all the time.

The one winter desire I really want to fulfill but never get to because it’s just not cold enough where I live is to have boots! Winter boots- really pretty ones that go with everything. With a long coat or a cardigan and slacks, it’s my favorite winter look which has never seen the light of day. So far.

Winter boots, perhaps? Someone blow over an eternal winter so I can get to wear them.


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