The meaning of the breaking waves
In river banks laden with hard soil
Piled miles high after years and years of toil
Came to me in a sudden symphony more powerful
Than the admonishments of a mid-summer storm
And I turned to face the torrent
Not a never-ending stream of painful connotations
Not a stock of dark and meaningless alleys down which
I unwittingly roamed for hours, not knowing I was lost
Seeking the kind of solace that could only exist within me

But a sinful jolt of longing
A bittersweet answer lying wrapped within arm’s length
The sweet, sad song of a dying child-
The knowledge that this dirge did not indicate a profound sadness
But a new-found meaning in something as mundane as a cup of coffee
A babe’s laugh, a streak of sunlight
Even a joyless day peppered with salty tears and lustful full-stops
And through such momentous hurdles too
I can continue to exist unbroken.

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