Starry Symphony


How accidentally
Almost as if it was
Always meant to be
I stood under the moon door
And watched the admonishing
Stars adore
The night sky, licking it silver-bright
A channeling of pretty fairy lights
It stood out for a mile and half
That sullen, sunken, stubborn laugh
The changing of the summer guard
After the merry day with a drunken bard

The terribly painful tune atones
And suddenly the darkness groans
What’s held within needn’t come out right
As long as I fall from the height
I’ll play truant to the wild party
And chase butterflies beneath the tree
How  wonderful
These memories pulled like thread on a spool

That Enchantress– she feels the might
The utter sprinkling delight
Meandering just the way She was
She’ll be so much more than a forgotten clause
On paperwork long buried still
I wouldn’t want her hidden skill
To be open to the sunlight
It isn’t just easy
To be so quietly breezy

So it was that I took the trip
Without meaning my heartbeat took a skip
I read A Mad Girl’s Love Song and swooned
Over the pithy verses, looned
By symphony, feeling quite fazed
And hence the summer skyward gaze
It rang into my ear and I
Stood listening to those heavy sighs

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