Did I say I was not human?’
‘You don’t have to say it for me to know it’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
‘I’m not sure. When I am, I will tell you.’
I think you can be so much more
Than just another person.
Maybe. On the surface of it
We are drifting souls
I have so much more to tell you
But not here on earth. Somewhere else.
Perhaps a tête-à-tête on Neptune would do it.
That is the furthest I will go for
A chance to converse with you

I wouldn’t believe you were the hero
Not while you watch your own story
Dispassionately abandon you- a sorry child
An orphan left outside a charity
Besides, my vigil from afar is a far better watch
Bitter disappointment will otherwise beckon

And yet the enigma of this unexplained sojourn
Makes me feel entitled to an explanation
Silly me. It has taken so long to realize
That life is a big unanswered question
My guts may spill all on the floor
If I reach the solution of what has now become
My very favourite problem.


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