I shall never forget
The feeling of
Not wanting to be
From beneath these stars
Gazing at me so lovingly
Cruel from afar
I sense an emptiness
Because I shall be alone anyway.

I shall never forget
I was young and reckless once
I feel like an old soul
Sitting so primly
Hoping abandonment
Won’t leave me
Surfing safely to a wave
On an emotionless ocean

I shall never forget
Clinging to the bathroom floor
Hoping to feel no more
That first night I fell through vacuum
With no floor beneath my feet
Hearing voices guide me
Wondering how anyone
Can ever want to destroy me

I shall never forget
How hurtful, hateful, vengeful
This world can chose to be
Chiselling me out on a platter
Like a display in
An exhibition
Without my permission
Reducing me
To a piece of art
An abhorred object.

I shall never forget
I was a dew drop once
Fallen at dawn
Having spent the night
Fighting monsters in the clouds
With an invisible sword
And a blunt bloody knife
Until it hit me
The blood was mine.

I shall never forget
Wondering if I was nothing
But a broken, half-beaten
Battered body
The silence shook me
There was no beauty
In disaster
So unlike the movies

I shall never forget
How words bit me
How images haunted me
And swirling in circles
Caught me
The traps lay long and low
And I entangled myself willingly

I shall never forget
The wounds that deeply fill me
And sometimes
Creeping out at night
Doubtfully whisper to me
Are you new yet or still
Swimming in the same dark lake?
Will you come out and play again
Or coward! Hide with long-shed remains?


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