Finding Fanny- Movie Review

Finding Fanny is a story of five characters from the small, nestled village of Pocolim- Ferdy, a postmaster who realizes he never got to tell the woman he loved that he wanted to be with her, Rosie, the widowed social worker who knows everything there is to know in the village, Angie her widowed daughter-in-law who lost her drunk husband on the very day she married him and now leads a complacent small-town life, Don Pedro, a painter who is a new denizen of the village and obsessed with the idea of Rosie as a muse and Savio, the newly-returned young man who had been in love with Angie six years ago and came back to town (for some reason) on the day of his father’s funeral.

Distinctly flavoured, these five characters set out on a road trip with different intentions: Ferdy to find his lost childhood sweetheart, Angie to help him, Rosie to ‘protect’ her daughter-in-law, Pedro for a chance to capture his delusive painting and Savio to somehow reunite with his childhood love. The objectives of the five protagonists bring them at loggerheads with one another as they struggle to maintain their calm and carry their own burdens.

The characters were very well-portrayed. Naseerudin Shah’s Ferdy is an adorably lost old man, Pankaj Kapoor plays his perverted and caustically moody painter to perfection; Dimple Kapadia’s Rosy is similarly well-crafted in her annoying and defensive retorts. Deepika does a good job as the saccharine young widow seeking her own answers while trying to help the people she loves. Arjun Kapoor plays a broody young man who breaks into angry outbursts at will but carries a soft heart below it all.

The movie is quirky and well-shot. At times, it was trying too hard to be something more than it was but that was okay too. Throughout its slowly turning road trip, you are kept entertained and although there are a few moments where you are left wondering what the characters are really trying to say or why they are behaving in a particular way, by the revelation at the very end I was amused at its subtle maturity: sometimes, the things we are dreaming about become so lofty in our heads that we aren’t able to admire the very simple but beautiful way in which are life is offering them to us. Instead, we run along imagined tracks in search for elusive truths.

As Deepika’s Angie puts it in the very end, “We were just a bunch of losers who were looking for love but we wouldn’t have known it even if it had been dancing in front of our eyes. And look at us now, deluded into believing that just because we have had this experience, we are better off and know more than we did before. Wrong again! The only truth is that people die but love lives on.”(Roughly translated from memory)

Additional note: Loved every outfit worn by Deepika in the movie.


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