Love · Poems

Little Infinity

I’m not quite sure how I got here
All paths look the same
Did I walk in while you were changing skins
Interrupted your transformation with
A simple smile? An uncertain hi?

And it is suddenly as if I never knew
A time that existed apart from you
I have only these snippets of memories
Of life before you consumed me
Stranger from across the universe
And now I fill my diary with words
Hoping to bewitch my own little self
Into thinking I can be fine all alone

I’m not quite sure how I got here
Did you lead me in, Pied Piper?
How is it that in a world full of people
Each one more engaging than the other
You hold my attention so hypnotically
Transforming me from just another plain girl
Into stuff made of fairy tales?

My instinct is to take a dark flight
Far away from everyone, from everything
Cradled like a baby, held here by a strange comfort
Undefined, except in the deep reaches of my mind
I stay. Because I cannot fight this.
I become a tiny angel- the engine of my own demise
We are blowing smoke circles of SOS into the air
But on the surface we are a pretty sight

I’m not quite sure  how I got here
Or how I am supposed to return
I’m like a moon caught in orbit around you
I’m internally on fire and it’s beautiful
In the heat and light of this event, we are
Strangers from across the universe
And yet from all the people that I’ve ever known
You. This. Right here. It is
My own little infinity.


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