Of Lost Meanings

Walking down
The caustic line
of humans and beasts
I paused
At the inception of a project
May I call you that?
Or perhaps it has just been a game
Of telephone with cups and a string

Summer buds bloom
And darken by the autumn winds
So it feels we will be too-
Fallen on a roadside alley
I’m homeless now
I search through things we keep throwing away
Bits of glass and paper
And a kaleidoscope of interesting conversations

Somehow, as we have danced
Between comebacks and honest-to-God declarations
I understood a secret-
I was always an orphan
I never knew it, running
Between people
With my stomach turning

I feel kind of liberated and scared
Monsters recede for now and I
Try to tell you all about them
Through little snippets of careless words
You will be gone with next year’s rain
This time I won’t trip on my umbrella
On my way out the door
I’ll carry it into the downpour instead-
I know I’ll be part of things again
But I’ll never be a part of you.


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