Queen’s Step-Well (Rani ni Vav)

Pale blue October sky

Dancing figurines
Turning sun
Lithe bodies coil
Unabashed twists
Like dusky serpents
Awakening to lost music
With the sun’s slant

A woman’s cry
From the throws of
History’s sleepy hollow
A subtle dream grew
Into a quiet memento
With the lilting tune of
Familiar places. Unfamiliar settings
Leading to the murky depths
Of silver-water forms
Rising softly under the folds
Of a thirsty land

A thousand years
Of grit and grain
And today the ruins arise
Under palpable titles-
Past memories reborn
Evoking passionate glances
At carved images
Breasts and vulva
On sallow skin
Men crushed underfoot
Powerful kings
And I watch, amazed at
The defamation that
Shifting eras can bring
While all alone
A mystical story
Rose and fell
Into a deep dark well.

Photo from: http://www.sid-thewanderer.com/2011/02/rani-ni-vav-in-patana-delight-to-senses.html

A woman built a structure in memory of her king a thousand years ago. Half-forgotten for centuries and newly added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this step-well is a majestic, impressive structure. Read what Wikipedia has to say here.


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