You Made Me Run

You made me run
To my past and my future
To the imperfect, rounding arc-
The convergence of my
Rotten, rotten, meaningless life

You made me run
To the center of my body
To this sticky sweetness I despise
While the edges roughen darkly
The truth wrapped between the lies

You made me run, my dear
Unsure and feeling wickedly sublime
To that happily hurtful place
To the quietly haunting face
To the core of unspoken horror

You made me run into the arms
Of demonizing memories, terrorizing expectations
Caving in for the sake of that last sunrise
Overtaken by my inescapable misery
Determined to seek something bright

You made me run, love
Into the wilderness
Knowing I’ll chase pain by its tail
And love every second of the mutual torture I create
And crave the salt of tears

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