The Sea in Me


Something shifted within me
Like at the bottom of a deep sea
The sands of time with a gigantic sweep
Made patterns swirl into potent heaps

I pushed and pulled a wall of rock
I crumble still when new ships dock
Their anchors stolid; hurting my skin
My fish swim faster with their frantic fins

My swollen edges roughen with the storm
But guiding lamps of light keep me warm
I swim in my currents; cold and hot
Find sunken treasures in lucky shots

But movement starts to come easily
Fifteen days of happiness; fifteen of misery
I slide in and out; observe my feet on the beach
As the turning tides create a blank space each

Still  while other yachts luxuriantly moor
My paper boat rocks with dreams of tours
I’m content as I follow the whispering wind in me
I’m older, wiser, still; permanent like the sea.


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