That Strange Sort of Love


At times when the cold is getting to your bones
And you think of someone you love differently
From the love you’ve felt since you’ve learnt to love
This love is like a song you write when
The crackling logs of fire settle deep
And ash starts to form black rivers on the sand
And you know there is no one left to lie to
This love is like that love you feel in your cold blood

So you are done looking for messages behind
The strange pagan rituals of lost, buried gypsies
And then you knock on an old door, having
Felt the need to travel the whole world
Wanderlust blazes off your chest and someone just
Gets it. You don’t use words anymore, just signals
To communicate stories imprinted on yellowing pages
Stitched loosely together inside you.

And then you wonder together why
Love has inspired centuries worth of renditions
Of the same sob story. Suddenly you feel it
It’s no longer black and white but shrouded
In the universe’s tangled, lustful grasp
For a lifetime isn’t enough to unravel what
A few words can easily say every day

At times when summer is inside of you
And you love someone in a different way
From the way life taught love to you
You draw maps in the stars and find
Ten million ways from you to him. You know
None really lead you where you want to go
But these taut strings hold the universe steady
Over your head

Like the lights on a highway. These stars
Make sense to you. You could follow them
And reach him inside the safe retreat of your head
You think deeply of how, when
You love someone in a different way
You see a mosaic of sun-swallowed memories
Fly past your eyes and then you’re back
The cold gets to your bones. You think
Why did I never know this love before?


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