Hello 2015

Hi 2015! The past month has been a big blur in my life. A lot of things kept happening in quick succession, leaving me with little time to do the sort of soul-searching I require after each new experience. So I found myself somewhat disoriented towards the end. But being busy means time passes very quickly. And that is kind of unfortunate because I am older by a month without having had the time to stop and wonder if I am any wiser.

On the morning of 1st January, I woke up with a friend and we lay in bed for a good half hour. She said something about how much people like us need to suffer through the darkness, groping about for meaningful things to find some sort of reason in this reason-less cosmos. And then 2015 began.

I’m grateful to 2014 for being the year in which I actually did things, some outside my comfort zone. I took steps to take my life in my own hand and that felt good. I also realized that with the kind of understanding I have developed, it won’t be any easier to face the world but it is (hopefully) going to be possible.

It also seems like a good time to have taken a resolution and I hope to stick to this one:


I hope you take one of your own too.

For the rest, I don’t know what the next 365-ish days are going to bring but that’s okay.

Yesterday I was thinking about how much bravery it takes for all of us to exist without knowing a single thing about our future. We’re conditioned to not let it freak us out on most days. But if you stop to take it all in for even a second, things can so easily fall apart!

On this somewhat-morbid note, I wish you all a very happy 2015.


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